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Traveling to Europe is on everyone’s bucket list, and what better way to do it than taking guided tours of Europe. There’s so much to see and do on this beautiful continent, from iconic cities to breathtaking deserts to a diverse cultural blend. You will have an in-depth peek at a specific country and see it all on a sweeping guided tour through Europe.

If you want to travel in style or even save money and visit the must-see sights while still immersing yourself in the local community, guided tours are just for you. The tours come in many sizes, paces, and ages, so there’s something for everybody. Guided tours will have a measurable impact on your overall travel experience, providing you with an entire vacation to enjoy without having to worry about destinations or schedules.

So embark on a new journey to discover and enjoy each dream destination on your list, from the United Kingdom to the Baltic’s, Scandinavia to Spain, and Italy to Ireland.

European Tours for Families

Taking your family on a guided tour is an excellent way to see Europe. A variety of tour types, particularly for families, have been developed and tested. Unique itineraries provide family-friendly events with a good mix of activities for both children and their parents.

Gladiators Gondolas and Gold – Trafalgar

View at the Vatican Museums at Rome, Italy
View at the Vatican Museums at Rome, Italy

This tour takes you on an exceptional journey through Italy’s best cities. In Rome, join a ‘Local Specialist’ for a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and a look at centuries of history and culture. Explore the Catholic shrine of St. Peter’s Basilica and marvel at Michelangelo’s frescoed dome in the Sistine Chapel. Learn how to make your own Italian pizza and enjoy your day. In Florence, admire Michelangelo’s David statue at the Academy of Fine Arts before visiting the magnificent Gothic Duomo and famed Baptistery.

Where better to ‘Dive Into History’ and enjoy a refreshing gelato than in the city that developed it? Before cruising to busy St. Mark’s Square on a private launch, enjoy some family fun while you hear about the art of making Carnival masks. View the famed Bridge of Sighs, the exquisite Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the Campanile, all named for the sound made by condemned prisoners when they caught their last sight of beautiful Venice. In the spirit of Venice’s famous Carnevale, engage in the delicate art of hand-painting and decorating your very own vibrant Carnival mask.

Castles & Kings: London to Paris - Tauck

British Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace in London, UK
British Royal Guards at Buckingham Palace in London, UK

From London to Paris, this 8-day Castle and Kings tour takes you on a history ride. The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, the London Museum, a West End show, and a spy walk are all on the itinerary for four nights in London. Meet the Beefeaters who guard the Tower of London; see the Bloody Tower and the Crown Jewels of the British Empire.

While two million years of history and culture can be challenging to see in a single day, a guided tour of the fascinating British Museum will give you a glimpse of what this incredible location has to offer. Take a glass pod ride 450 feet above the city on the world’s tallest observation wheel, the London Eye. Visit the Louvre for a family-friendly scavenger hunt, see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, and go farther afield to see the Château de Versailles.

European Tours for Singles

For solo travelers, going on a guided tour to see Europe is a fantastic option. When you go on a guided tour, everyone on tour is just as excited to see and learn as you are. You’ll meet many like-minded people and make tons of friends. One of the most important advantages is that you will engage in many events that would be impossible to achieve independently.

London to Barcelona – Tapas and Train Rides - G Adventures

Triumphal Arch, Barcelona, Spain
Triumphal Arch, Barcelona, Spain

This is the ultimate Western European tour that everybody wishes to see. Travel mainly by train to Paris and Rome for 13 days, hiking coastal trails in Cinque Terre, visiting Monte Carlo’s famed casino, and relaxing on the French Riviera.

Explore the City of Lights’-Paris has plenty for everybody, and you can spend your day here picnicking under the Eiffel Tower or visiting some of the city’s most impressive museums and churches. In Rome, visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican, and Pantheon, all historic Roman sites. Wander the cobblestone streets or unwind with an espresso in a piazza. With its labyrinth of dark streets, ancient cathedral, medieval houses, pubs, and cafés, the old Gothic Quarter is well worth visiting. 

Take a stroll down Las Ramblas, a wide pedestrian boulevard lined with trees ideal for people-watching and window shopping.

Spain & Portugal - Flamenco & Tapas - G Adventures

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

It only takes ten amazing days to experience the best highlights of Spain and Portugal’s: art, music, wine, and nightlife. On an initiation stroll, take in the sights of Spain’s majestic capital. You’ll have time to enjoy the city’s numerous attractions, including art museums and sprawling squares. End the day with a fun night out with your friends- the nightlife in Madrid is legendary.

In Granada, take a walking tour to get a feel for the city. Granada’s trip will be incomplete without a night out; the city is brimming with hip tapas bars and a thriving music scene. Then continue your journey with a day on the Algarve beach, with free time for cycling, water sports, or just relaxing. Visit Cristo Rei for panoramic views of the city, explore the Belem neighborhood’s landmarks, or unwind in a café.


St. Patrick Cathedral, Dublin
St. Patrick Cathedral, Dublin

Get to know the landscapes, roads, and villages of Ireland with the guided tours of Ireland. As you explore the open green spaces – from the scenic Ring of Kerry to the dramatic Giant’s Causeway get to know the stories, camaraderie, and Irish adventures with the help of your guided tour.

Shades of Ireland - Collette

Experience all of Ireland’s charms on this 10-day enchanted tour of the Emerald Isle, from vivid and history-filled Dublin to rolling green hills and the stunning coas

In Dublin, take a tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, O’Connell Street, the General Post Office, and the historic Phoenix Park with a local guide -OR- take a walking tour of the city’s historic center. In any case, you’ll have an afternoon to yourself to explore Dublin’s charms.

Live the legend: It is said that kissing the Blarney Stone bestows the blessing of eloquence on those who do so. Continue to Killarney, which is located in County Kerry. Board a traditional boat in Killarney’s beautiful national park and cruise across the spectacular lakes with an experienced boatman.

Visit the majestic Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland’s most famous natural attraction. The causeway, which was created millions of years ago by volcanic activity, resembles a cobblestone path leading into the sea. Then explore the Glens of Antrim and Belfast’s breathtaking back roads to immerse yourself in Northern Ireland’s natural beauty.

Introduction to Ireland – Globus

The most exciting sights, landscapes, and sweet accents of the Emerald Isle are mixed in this Ireland guided tour. If you are a first-time tourist, you will be awoken by the revelry of the bustling capital city, jolted by the dramatic landscape along the storied coast. In Kildare, visit the Irish National Stud; see the Rock of Cashel, where St. Patrick preached. And in Rathbaun, learn about sheep herding, and enjoy coffee and your scones at an Irish farm.

If you’re baking scones on an Irish sheep farm in Galway, don’t be surprised if you’re unexpectedly inspired to create limericks. This tour of Ireland is the perfect escape from the daily grind, with authentic local encounters and trips to the sights you’ve always wanted to see—including the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, the magnificent Ring of Kerry, and the iconic House of Waterford Crystal. 

Visit Ireland’s oldest handweaving mill at Avoca on the final leg of your trip, and enjoy views of the Wicklow Mountains on your way to Dublin.


Lake Como, Italy
Lake Como, Italy

When you book the guided tours of Italy, you will benefit from the knowledge of local guides who are intimately familiar with their destinations. Italy speaks to all of the senses: food and fashion, art and design, history and myths. So enjoy Italy and everything it has to offer.

Tuscany & the Italian Riviera -Collette

Take a guided tour that includes a visit to the stunning San Martino Cathedral. Relax with a three-night stay in a Tuscan estate while taking in the region’s lush vineyards and quaint medieval hill towns. Enjoy a hands-on example of how to make pasta.

Visit Lucca, which is surrounded by a beautiful series of 16th-century walls. Explore Florence’s landmark sights and San Gimignano’s medieval beauty, and then spend the day with a local guide visiting the Cinque Terre’s lively cliff-side villages. As you pass by train, take in the picturesque, rugged coastline sprinkled with terraced vineyards. You will discover a land rich in tradition, music, and food as you travel.

Italian Vistas- Globus

On this eight-day scenic and enthralling tour of Italy, you’ll experience everything you’ve imagined—from Rome’s ancient Colosseum to Venice’s song-filled canals, Assisi’s silent back alleys to Milan’s brazen storefronts, and Lake Como’s lovely views to Padua’s bittersweet Aperol liqueur. 

Every ancient city, medieval town, and indulgent resort welcomes you with colorful doorways and locals who share the stories behind the architecture, the tales behind the paintings, the sense behind the brushstrokes, and, if you’re fortunate, the hidden ingredients on your plate.

Highlights of the Italian lakes -Trafalgar

Consider a loving connection with Italy’s elegant lake district. Stunning 19th-century façades with cascading wisteria and charming lakeside villages set against the backdrop of the towering snow-capped Alps make this the ideal location for experiencing life to the fullest. Enjoy your spare time in celestial surroundings on this 8-day trip.

At Lake Como, enjoy the scenic lake’s alpine peaks and sparkling waters, as well as an included cruise to Bellagio. Then visit Italy’s second-largest lake, Lake Maggiore, and see its charming cities, villages, and gardens.

Take a beautiful drive through Italy’s biggest lake-Lake Garda, and take in the stunning scenery. Finish your tour with a guided sightseeing tour of Milan with your Local Specialist, including views of the Duomo, Galleria, and La Scala Opera House.

Rome Guided Tour

  • Shrines of Italy – Collette

Discover that Italy is a bastion of Catholicism, from the holy Basilica of St. Francis to the magnificent Sistine Chapel. Spend some time in Assisi, the revered saint’s hometown, at the Basilica of St. Francis. Reflect in Michael the Archangel’s Grotto, and discover the Abbey of Montecassino and Salerno’s cathedral.

Before heading to the catacombs, where early Christians hid and buried their dead, attend Mass in the morning. View architectural gems such as the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s restored mural of the Last Judgment at the Vatican Museum.

Take in the awe-inspiring views of the Gargano Peninsula and visit the Grotto of St. Michael the Archangel, one of early Christianity’s most famous shrines. Many popes and saints have kneeled and prayed at this grotto, requesting Saint Michael’s guidance.


Reykjavik the capital city of Iceland
Reykjavik the capital city of Iceland

Iceland guided tours take you to some of the world’s wildest and most spectacular locations, including volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, and waterfalls that will awe any tourist.

Iceland Adventure - Globus

According to Icelandic mythology, the country’s extraordinary cliffs, rocky outcrops, and lava fields are said to be home to clans of elves and trolls. Active volcanoes, crashing waterfalls, jagged glaciers, floating icebergs, black-sand beaches, and brilliant-blue geothermal springs are only a few of the sights you’ll see on this spectacular tour of Iceland. 

Visit Hellisheiarvirkjun, the geothermal heat and electric power plant open to the public. Stop by the hot springs in Sir Geysir for a bottle of Geysir Schnapps when sampling local specialties.

On the way to Borgarnes, walk across the rift valley that separates the North American and European tectonic plates. One of the must-sees is the geothermal Mvatn Nature Baths.

Taste of Iceland - CIE tours

This Iceland tour takes you to some of the world’s wildest and most beautiful locations, including volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, and waterfalls that will awe any tourist. On a panoramic tour of Reykjavik’s capital city, you’ll see its charming architecture and stunning, brightly colored rooftops.

Visit the Perlan Observation Deck for spectacular 360-degree views of the city and its surroundings, including mountains, glaciers, and volcanic vistas. Learn about Iceland’s volcanoes and how their eruptions and lava flows have changed the nation over time at the LAVA Center. Travel to the stunning Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, where the brave can walk the trail behind the 60-meter falls if the weather permits.


Edinburgh City, Scotland
Edinburgh City, Scotland

From Edinburgh Castle to Glasgow’s diverse lanes, see the best with the guided tours of Scotland. Before toasting bonnie Scotland’s lochs, glens, and mythical locals, bask in the romance and tradition of the Scottish Highlands and ponder the mystical depths of Loch Ness.

Best of Scotland – Trafalgar

On this seven-day tour, get lost in Edinburgh’s winding streets, the Scottish capital with a magical aura that combines ancient history with the vigor of a new metropolis. Spend the day exploring the city’s rich heritage and soaking up the Scots’ welcoming spirit. Explore the Scottish Highland, follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest golfers, and then visit St. Andrews on the way to the beautiful Scottish Highlands. 

Travel past Scotland’s infamous Loch Ness and pay tribute to the brave men who died on the horrific battlefield of Culloden during the Jacobite Uprising. Before you hit the coast and cross to the Isle of Skye, the rugged majesty of Eilean Donan Castle will leave you speechless.

Majestic Scotland - Trafalgar

Begin your seven-day journey through Scotland in fiery Glasgow, with stops in Edinburgh and the Highlands along the way, passing by lochs, glens, and heather-clad purple peaks. You’ll trace the legacy of the enigmatic Loch Ness Monster by wandering in the footsteps of brave clan members, admiring cliff-top castles, and admiring the legacy of Rob Roy, Bonnie Prince Charlie.

On your orientation walk, see Glasgow Cathedral and George Square. In Fort William, take a scenic trip through Glencoe, the famed ‘Glen of Weeping,’ and see the Commando Memorial and Britain’s highest peak, Ben Nevis.


Cybele Plaza of Madrid, Spain
Cybele Plaza of Madrid, Spain

Start a new travel adventure with an escorted tour of Spain. From the dazzling Madrid to Seville and Barcelona, there’s so much to experience. Spain is a traveler’s dream destination, with its rich past, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable cuisine.

Spain's Classics - Globus

Take an 11-day trip to Spain and see medieval art, idyllic landscapes, and delectable cuisine. At a flamenco show in Seville, you can feel the spirit of Spain. In Córdoba, take a walking tour of the Mezquita, a sacred wonder. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was initially constructed as a splendid mosque by the Moors in the 8th century but later transformed into the city’s cathedral in the 16th century.

See the Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor on a locally-led tour of Madrid’s historic heart. With an expert guide, walk through the Santa Cruz Quarter’s cobblestone streets, admiring the white-washed houses and fragrant orange trees before heading to the beautiful Plaza de Espana. On the way to Valencia’s historic old town, stop by the City of Arts and Science, an ultramodern, multi-faceted educational institution, for a walking tour led by a local specialist.

Sensational Spain – Cosmo Globus

Your 14-day budget tour of Spain starts and finishes in the beautiful city of Madrid. In between, you’ll visit some of Spain’s most spectacular sights and iconic historical, cultural, and culinary destinations.

Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its towering Roman aqueduct and spectacular fairytale castle, is the first stop. Then visit Bilbao, with its modern architecture, and San Sebastian, with its lovely sandy beach, to learn about the Basque Country.

Continue the journey as you drive around Montjuic in Barcelona to see the Olympic Stadium and take in the port and downtown’s breathtaking panoramic views. Then on to the city center, where you can enjoy Gaudi’s eccentricity in his architectural masterpieces in Plaza Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia.

You’ll also visit Granada, a fascinating city where Moorish presence, traditional tapas bars, and historical sights coexist with a youthful population of university students, graffiti, and exotic tea houses.


Perhaps you’ve ever marveled at the London Bridge or stood within the storied walls of the Colosseum. Maybe you’ve cruised along Venice’s most charming canals. Even if you’ve seen the highlights of some of Europe’s most well-known cities, there are new areas, inhabitants, and cultures to discover in lesser-known regions. That’s why a guided tour of Europe is perfect for finding all the hidden gems of Europe.

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