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All-Inclusive Resorts in Grenada

Grenada all-inclusive resorts may be the best-kept secret in the Caribbean. Across the islands, there are rainforests, packed with blooms and waterfalls. Perhaps cooler are the lovely beaches that are ideal for surfing and lounging.

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Paradise Beach, Grenada

Grenada is a tropical, three-island Caribbean nation situated 90 miles north of Venezuela, born from the seafloor in a series of destructive volcanic eruptions. It includes Grenada’s largest island and its neighboring constituencies, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, part of the Lesser Antilles chain.

It is a fine paradise with its idyllic beaches and green rainforest-covered mountains. The beach is the biggest attraction and the many water-based shore excursions it provides, but Grenada’s mountains are great for adventurous travelers who want to walk and explore.

The Island is also known as the ”Spice Island” because of the nutmeg. Established as the Caribbean Spice Island, nutmeg brings the tastiest and distinctive fragrance to Grenada. Nutmeg has been cultivated here since the 1780s when the British brought it from East India.

The beaches in Grenada are breathtaking. The most famous strip of smooth, white sand in Grenada is Grand Anse Beach. This beautiful two-mile beach, situated just south of St. George’s, has drawn many of the hotels and resorts on the island. Dive operators offer a wide variety of water sports and diving/snorkeling tours, and within walking distance of the beach, you’ll find a selection of excellent hotel restaurants and bars. You can share a tasty meal with a scenic view of the harbor, whether it’s fine cuisine or a fast bistro lunch.

No wonder Grenada boasts a variety of luxury resorts. Read below to see the Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Grenada.

Quick Facts

Grenada has a tropical climate. The average annual temperature is 80°F


Grenada observes Atlantic Standard Time all year. UTC -4


English is the official language spoken in Grenada


Grenada's local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. You can use American dollars around the island, though you may receive change in the local currency

Average Flight Time

New York/Newark 61⁄2 hours
Philadelphia 6 hours
Boston 7 hours
Chicago 61⁄2 hours
Miami 31⁄2 hours
Los Angeles 81⁄2 hours

Fun Fact

Grenada's national dish is called 'Oil down'; it's a tasty stew cooked in coconut milk, herbs, and spices with beef, vegetables, and dumplings

Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa

* Best for couples and romantic getaways
Couple on the beach at Sandals Grenada - Photo by Sandals Resorts
Couple on the beach at Sandals Grenada | Photo credit: Sandals Resorts

Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa is the world’s most innovative all-inclusive resort-defying every convention of traditional design. The exotic property takes innovation beyond the realm of imagination to create an extraordinary hideaway.

It sits on the end of a short, quiet strip of sand called Pink Gin Beach, and this area is exposed to the open seas as it is at the very end of the island. The water is also very rugged and choppy here, so swimming is confined to places along the coast that are roped-in. It is a secluded, very private property, with no other resorts or hotels nearby. There are pools in the sky, private plunge pools, cascading waterfalls, and meandering river pools, different from anything you have ever seen.

Here, on an exquisite island paradise in the heart of Grenada’s luxurious Pink Gin Beach, where the scents of spice and tropical blooms create a heady romance elixir, you’ll enjoy the best of all in a whole new experience.

Spice Island Beach Resort

* Best for a magical honeymoon
Room View - Photo by Spice Island Beach Resort
Room View | Photo credit: Spice Island Beach Resort

Spice Island Beach Resort is a family-run luxury resort extending over 8 acres of Grenada’s prized Grand Anse Beach. Each suite features a patio, balcony, or terrace, surrounded by lemon, almond, and sea grape trees.

The resort’s name refers to Grenada’s nickname, Spice Isle, which honors its history as a leading nutmeg exporter. Spice Island Beach Resort offers the ultimate holiday – a destination wedding, a magical honeymoon, or a perfect getaway. It’s no surprise why many guests come back to be pampered with all-inclusive facilities and luxury lodging.

In two beachfront settings, Spice Island Beach Resort offers all-inclusive dining. The lounges provide foreign cuisine, an international brunch, supplemented by a wide variety of beverages and cocktails with local flavors. Like the well-equipped wellness center, active guests enjoy golf, tennis, and cycling. Water activities are equally complimentary, such as snorkeling and ocean kayaking.

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel

* Best for a luxurious escape
Main Pool at Night | Photo credit: Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel

The Calabash Boutique Hotel is arranged in a horseshoe formation on Grenada’s southwestern end, each facing the secluded L’Anse aux Epines shore. This family-owned and run hotel is named after a large, round gourd, the calabash plant, which grows on trees in the area.

The Calabash offers one unique feature: Breakfast is served a la carte in each room and set on your private deck or balcony.

At Calabash, the open-air Spa at Calabash promises much more individualized pampering, tailoring each treatment to your unique specifications. If you feel refreshed, explore the waters of L’Anse aux Epines on a paddleboard or a Hobie Cat sailboat, or book a ScubaTech Dive Center tour at the hotel. But if you like to stay on the ground, polish your backhand or sign up for private yoga at the two on-site tennis courts.

Children of any age are welcome, apart from mid-January to late February, when they must be over 12 years of age. However, the atmosphere feels grown-up.

Coyaba Beach Resort

* Best for celebrating couples
Pool at Coyaba Beach Resort | Photo credit: Coyaba Beach Resort

The cozy atmosphere of Coyaba with complete facilities for the classic Caribbean holiday, a remarkable architecture style with high qualities all combine to make this resort a rare jewel. A destination that mostly draws newlyweds.

The chief selling point of the Coyaba is its location. It lies right behind Grand Anse beach’s soft white sands, the finest in Grenada, undeniably. More than five acres of intact, lawned grounds are scattered over the long-established, low-rise, traditionally styled hotel.

This resort is a beautiful spot to unwind and enjoy. In the state-of-the-art facility, visitors can take advantage of a menu of premium spa treatments or work up a sweat. The tennis courts are a big attraction, and most visitors don’t skip the usual yoga and tai chi lessons. With its ocean venue, you will also have fantastic diving opportunities.

With massage therapy, soothe your muscles after a long day, go for a swim in the pool or drink drinks at one of three restaurants, including a beach bar, a restaurant, and a pool bar.

Royalton Grenada Resort & Spa

* Best for beach-loving families
View at Royalton Grenada Resorts & Spa | Photo credit: Royalton Resorts

The Royalton Grenada Resort & Spa, located on a rambling 30-acre property on the island’s famous Southwest corner, is potentially the largest resort on the island. There is a lot of terrain and many steep stairs to cover, so you should be willing to walk to reach the pool or lobby. Situated on Tamarind Bay, it offers two gorgeous beaches on each pool complex side.

Royalton has a charming Caribbean flair. You can find regular In-Suite Relaxation amenities in each suite of ceiling-mounted rain showers, sizeable two-person soaker tubs, providing the ideal spot for families to refresh in paradise before an energy-filled day.

On the beach, rest, unwind and enjoy the relaxing view or enjoy the water sports and events on the other. There are non-motorized water sports available, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and sail boating. The on-site splash pool is ideal for keeping the little ones happy all day.

The Royal Spa is perfect for soothing and rejuvenating while on your holiday. Spend a few hours being pampered or drop in for a 30-minute express massage for either of the full spa kits. There are a hydrotherapy circuit and a wide range of massage, body, and facial therapies available.

Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

* Best for a romantic, beachfront vacay
Pool at Radisson Grenada Beach Resort - Photo by Radisson Hotels
Pool at Radisson Grenada Beach Resort | Photo credit: Radisson Hotels

The Radisson Grenada Beach Resort is located on Grand Anse Beach, considered one of the most scenic coastlines on the island. The property boasts a 300-foot swimming pool with two waterfalls, as well as a spa, in addition to its enviable location.

With dozens of hotels, restaurants, and shops nearby, The Radisson is one of the Grand Anse district’s largest properties, the island’s vibrant and tourist-friendly hub. On the stunning, two-mile-long Grand Anse coastline, the resort covers a quarter-mile of the beachfront.

This property’s star attraction is the excellent lagoon-style oasis pool, which coils around a giant banyan tree like a canal, bookended on both ends by waterfalls. Several lovely footbridges cross the pool, and two Jacuzzi baths rest on top of the waterfall at either end. This great style offers enough space for lounging.

Mount Cinnamon

* Best for a cozy family vacation
Room View - Photo by Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club
Room View | Photo credit: Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club

Mount Cinnamon is a club and luxury beach resort with only 21 luxurious suites & villas. Set in lavish tropical gardens, each unit has a large sitting space, a fully equipped kitchen with a breakfast bar, outdoor living areas, breathtaking beach, and Caribbean views.

This is one of the loveliest strands of the Caribbean, on a steep hillside above Grand Anse beach’s southern end. The property’s views are amazing, along the beach up to the coast to St George’s and over Grenada’s green, mountainous heart.

The hotel feels compact and cozy despite being spread out over a large property. The atmosphere is fun, breezy and serene, and caters to families equally well. The Beach Cabana, a trendy and highly calming beach club nestled in a palm grove on Grand Anse’s sands, is a key selling point of Mount Cinnamon. It includes a lounge bar set under a palm and parrot-painted tent-effect ceiling, plus a well-maintained croquet lawn, volleyball court, yoga platform, and kayaks.

Grenadian by Rex Resorts

* Best for families, groups, and gourmet lovers
Pool at Grenadian by Rex Resorts | Photo credit: Rex Resorts

Grenadian by Rex Resorts, one of the most popular all-inclusive resorts in Grenada, is a sophisticated retreat surrounded by elegance. The Grenadian is famed for its outstanding range of dining options.

This is the only hotel bordering Magazine Beach’s beautiful golden sands situated in the island’s far southwestern corner. In addition to evolving everyday events such as beach volleyball, cricket, and a nature walk, there is a gym, two tennis courts, and a mile-long jogging track. Given the number of visitors, the pool is reasonably limited, but there are plenty of beaches to enjoy along with watersports.

Grenadian is a magnificent Palladian hotel, built to represent the glamorous and elegant portrait of Grenada. On two big, white-sand beaches, one devoted to water sports and the other for simply relaxing in the hot Caribbean sun, Grenadian is the ideal destination for beach lovers of all sorts.

Need To Know

Post COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Get familiar with the entrance requirements and health guidelines that the Government of Grenada has implemented ( These regulations are under continuous scrutiny and can adjust with brief notice, so periodically update the above website while you prepare your travel.

Getting Around (Transportation)

You can use a variety of modes of transportation when getting around Grenada. You can drive, take a cab or a water taxi, board a ferry, rent a motorboat, board a bus, take a plane, or just walkabout.

To move around the town of St. George, walking is your best choice. The city is stunning, and you can enjoy the old sights if you have time.

Having a car helps you wander the main island at your speed without your purse strings being pulled by a hired driver. But to tackle Grenada’s highways, you’ll need nerves of steel: Islanders are notorious for their dangerous blind turns, while pedestrians have a habit of walking without looking in both directions.

If you want to get closer to the locals, the mini-bus system is a great way to ride. They can wave or honk anywhere you need them. The cost (2EC to 5EC) is incredibly cheap.


When traveling to a foreign place, it’s natural to worry about safety, but Grenada is safer than some famous US cities. Perhaps a product of the tiny, tight-knit society of the island, crime in Grenada is not an enormous issue.

However, something you should look out for is the Manchineel tree. These deadly plants flourish along the shoreline and offer the false impression of being a shade provider or an unexpected rain shower from the bright Caribbean sun. Don’t be deceived! Just about any aspect of the Manchineel tree is incredibly toxic. Any skin contact can cause blisters, burns, erythema, etc.


There’s a lot to love about Grenada; whether you opt for exclusive seafood, fabulous beaches, lush rainforests, or lavish experiences at an all-inclusive resort, you’ll make some unforgettable memories here. Plus, the islands’ small size means that you can truly enjoy what this magnificent place has to offer.

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