15 Best Turks and Caicos
All-Inclusive Resorts

Comprised of two island chains, the Turks to the east and the Caicos to the west, the islands are home of the finest Turks and Caicos all-inclusive resorts.

Locals say that the islands were Columbus’s first landing spot, and this tropical archipelago has been an attraction for tourists ever since. Only eight of their 40 islands and cays are inhabited, meaning there are too many undiscovered corners to explore.

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Turks and Caicos Providenciales - Grace Beach

There are entirely different and unique styles on each of the islands in the chain. To the east, the Turks Islands of Grand Turk and Salt Cay, and to the west, the broader Caicos Islands archipelago of Providenciales, Middle Caicos of North Caicos, East Caicos, South Caicos, and West Caicos.

Providenciales is the most advanced of the islands, and it is also where you can find many Turks and Caicos luxury resorts. Its 12 mile-long stretch of pristine white sandy beach is home to the exquisitely stunning Grace Bay. It is also the gateway to Parrot Cay, the stunningly beautiful island of one thousand acres owned privately.

Middle Caicos and North Caicos represent the best of the environment, with lush green forests, Middle Caicos’s most extensive cave network in the Caribbean, North Caicos’ cottage pond and flamingo pond, and a wide variety of plant life and birdlife.

With lobster and conch shipped from the islands at the historic Cockburn harbor, South Caicos is the hub for fishing. This small but pleasant island offers several secluded beaches with awe-inspiring views of the turquoise waters and surrounding islands.

The biggest claim to the fame of Turks and Caicos, beyond its beautiful white sandy beaches, is that it sits on one of the world’s largest coral reefs, bordering the islands’ edges. On the island, dive operators, including Blue Water Divers and Grand Turk Diving, provide diving and snorkeling programs for anyone from beginner snorkelers to the most developed divers.

Quick Facts

The Turks & Caicos have a tropical climate moderated by easterly trade winds. The average annual temperatures are 75-77°F in winter 82-86°F in summer


The time zone is Eastern Standard Time. UTC -5


The island's primary language is English.
Spanish and Creole are also widely spoken


The official currency of Turks and Caicos is the U.S. dollar

Average Flight Time

New York/Newark 3 1⁄2 hours
Philadelphia 3 1⁄2 hours
Boston 3 1⁄2 hours
Chicago 4 1⁄2 hours
Miami 11⁄2 hours
Los Angeles 61⁄2 hours

Fun Fact

It is noteworthy that the Turks and Caicos are not at all a part of the Caribbean. On all sides, each island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean

Top 5 Best Beach Resorts in Turks and Caicos

When talking about Turks and Caicos, you can’t miss the world-famous Grace Bay as the home of the finest Turk and Caicos beaches resort. Some of the world’s best beaches are found at Turks and Caicos, yet many of the archipelago’s top coasts, like Leeward Beach, Governor’s Beach, or Pillory Beach go unrecognized. These vast expanses of white sand beaches are what this British territory is recognized for.

Grace Bay Club

Pool View at Grace Bay Club | Photo credit: Grace Bay Resorts

Grace Bay Club provides a classic Caribbean holiday experience such as snorkeling excursions, couples spa treatments, and poolside drink service in eastern Providenciales on the Turks and Caicos Islands. As the first luxurious all-suite resort in Turks and Caicos, the world-renowned Grace Bay Club offers guests a refuge for uninterrupted relaxation. 

The lodgings at Grace Bay Club are divided into three separate parts that appeal to travelers of all tastes. The Hotel is an adults-only area with a private restaurant, lounge, and swimming pool; there’s the family-friendly-The Villas Suite; and The Estate, which ensure that couples and families will fit in equally well here.

Seven Stars Resort Turks & Caicos

Seven Stars Resort View - Photo by Seven Stars Resort
Seven Stars Resort View | Photo credit: Seven Stars Resort

The newly renovated Seven Stars Resort & Spa is framed by Princess Alexandra National Park’s sheltered waters on Grace Bay, making it a paradise for seafarers. This beachfront resort with 115 rooms offers luxurious and spacious suites, excellent service, and plenty of amenities, all at prices that are often much lower than competing properties.

Seven Stars provides all that you require for a peaceful stay. The large free-from-heated swimming pool faces the resort, and the turquoise Grace Bay has the perfect backdrop. Sailboats, ocean kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment is available for guests on the island, as well as lounges and shade cabanas, both on the beach and by the pool.

The Palms Turks & Caicos

Pool and Grace Beach View - Photo by The Palms Resort
Pool and Grace Beach View | Photo credit: The Palms Resort

High on luxury, The Palms has consistently scored among the world’s top hotels. Located directly in the heart of Grace Bay, this luxurious hotel is right on the waterfront. Offering oversized, sophisticated suites and penthouses with kitchens and luxury bathrooms, this is a residential home. The resort features a spa, one of the largest in the Caribbean; you will need to go early to enjoy a steam or sauna, as well as a relaxing moment sipping lemon water or tea as you are overlooking the central reflection pool of the spa.

The Palms Turks and Caicos is a perfect escape for the whole family. The infinity pool around the boutique resort’s grounds is an ideal place for kids to cool down at the poolside Plunge Bar while grown-ups grab a beer.

Blue Haven Resort

Blue Haven Resort Turks and Caicos - Photo by Blue Haven Resort
Blue Haven Resort Turks and Caicos | Photo credit: Blue Haven Resort

Situated in the upscale Leeward neighborhood on the eastern end of Providenciales, Blue Haven Resort is a luxurious all-inclusive resort with 35 suites and 16 studios on its private beach. The resort provides peaceful relaxation, but it is a fantastic accommodation option for outdoor enthusiasts because of the proximity to the beautiful Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve. And the resort offers plenty of water sports, including snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding since it’s affiliated with Blue Haven Marina.

But you’ll find plenty of ways to relax on-site when you’re not clipping along the cerulean waves. The infinity pool boasts a swim-up lounge, while the spa is situated in a secluded gazebo on the waterfront.

Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa

Aerial View of Beaches Turks & Caicos - Photo by Beaches Resorts
Aerial View of Beaches Turks & Caicos | Photo credit: Beaches Resorts

Beaches Turks & Caicos is a member of the family-friendly, all-inclusive Beaches Resorts fleet that is part of Sandals Resorts’ family. The vast Turks and Caicos Beaches Resort is the largest all-inclusive resort in the country, with an outstanding location on Grace Bay Beach, with four village enclaves, six swimming pools, 19 restaurants, and many things to do.

Surround yourself in the Caribbean & Seaside Villages in a garden oasis, bask in the Italian Village’s old-world charm, encounter a Caribbean paradise in the French Village, or accept the laid-back charm and elegance of the Key West Village.

Turks and Caicos' Best Kid Friendly & Family Resorts

This magnificent British territory is full of family fun, and that’s why it has the best Turks and Caicos all inclusive family resorts. With sea adventures typical of island life, there is something for everyone.

The Windsong Resort

Aerial View of the Windsong Resort - Photo by Windsong Resort
Aerial View of the Windsong Resort | Photo credit: Windsong Resort

The Windsong Resort is a family favorite, with one of the top snorkeling spots on the island, Bight Reef off Grace Bay Beach, within swimming distance of your room. The laid-back but still very luxurious resort has an elegant, barefoot vibe and provides accommodation in several places, ranging from studios to villas with bedrooms.

The Somerset on Grace Bay

Pool View at The Somerset on Grace Beach - Photo by Somerset Resort
Pool View at The Somerset on Grace Beach | Photo credit: Somerset Resort

Although Somerset can seem like a small resort on Grace Bay, luxury is in abundance compared to the sprawling properties nearby. Everyone in the family can relax on the beach or in the resort’s freshwater pools; play beach sports, croquet, board games, or volleyball. Kids would enjoy the free games and fun at the Caicos Kids Club, including special teen programs. 

Take off some steam at The Somerset infinity pool, spa, and luxury suites, and rest assured that children will also be in excellent hands at the complimentary Caicos Kids Club for kids aged 5 to 12.

Alexandra Resort

Outdoor Dining Atmosphere at Alexandra Resort | Photo credit: Alexandra Resort

The Alexandra Resort, the most child-friendly in the all-inclusive resort set of Turks and Caicos, kicks the whole idea up a notch by allowing children 12 and younger to stay and eat for free. Add to that a fabulous spot on a large stretch of Grace Bay, a vast pool, and plenty of water sports included; it’s a wonderland for all the family.

Ocean Club Resort

Kids enjoying beach activities at Ocean Club Resort - Photo by Ocean Club Resort
Kids enjoying beach activities at Ocean Club Resort | Photo credit: Ocean Club Resort

This value-oriented, family-friendly resort offers two different properties in Turks and Caicos on the spectacular Grace Bay, within a five-minute shuttle ride or a 15-minute walk from each other. The signature pink umbrellas dotting the sand are a beacon to visitors looking for the perfect family-friendly Grace Bay holiday. Precisely what keeps visitors coming back to the three-story Ocean Club is an authentic island vibe.

Sailrock Resort

Sailrock Resort Great House Infinity Pool - Photo by Sailrock Resort
Sailrock Resort Great House Infinity Pool | Photo credit: Sailrock Resort

Sailrock Resort is situated in South Caicos on beautiful Long Beach. If you want to get away on your Turks and Caicos holiday, it is an ideal option. The resort offers elegant, trendy suites with one and two bedrooms and beachfront villas with three and four bedrooms, outdoor dining spaces, and private plunge pools.

Top Turks and Caicos Honeymoon Resorts

It is easy to understand why the Turks and Caicos honeymoon resorts are such an idyllic honeymoon destination, boasting white sand beaches, turquoise seas, year-round sunshine world-class luxury resorts. This is where you can indulge in paradise, snorkel or skinny-dip, and spend your evenings stargazing from the pool together.

COMO Parrot Cay

Aerial View of COMO Parrot Cay - Photo by COMO Hotels
Aerial View of COMO Parrot Cay | Photo credit: COMO Hotels

Parrot Cay Resort is a place that rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit and provides a peaceful retreat for a calming honeymoon. Just a 30-minute boat ride from Providenciales, it offers guests unrivaled privacy in a calm atmosphere. 

For every couple, the COMO Shambhala spa, a world-renowned wellness center with a yoga pavilion, pilates studio, various treatment rooms, is an outstanding feature.


Villa Bedroom View at Amanyara - Photo by Amanyara Resort
Villa Bedroom View at Amanyara | Photo credit: Amanyara Resort

Nestled in nature with the ultimate zen-like feeling, Amanyara is the spot for peace in a remote environment on a beautiful waterfront location. Not surprisingly, with rooms and public areas built as pavilions that blur the distinction between indoors and out, it gives is a feeling of secluded serenity. There is an incredible spa with a private, quiet pool and a yoga pavilion with a full-service menu to complete the picture.

Wymara Resort & Villas

Overview of Pool Area at Wymara Resort - Photo by Wymara Resort & Villas
Overview of Pool Area at Wymara Resort | Photo credit: Wymara Resort & Villas

In the tropical paradise, the lap of luxury at Wymara Resort & Villas awaits you, with golden beaches, the gentle rush of waves crashing ashore, and the shimmering Caribbean Sea. This fabulous hotel is a beautiful combination of chic modern style and a comfortable beach atmosphere, right on gorgeous Grace Bay Beach sand.

Top Turks and Caicos' Adult-Only Resorts

Even though Turks and Caicos’ islands are known for their romantic vibe and top honeymoon vacation, there are only two Turks and Caicos all-inclusive resorts for adults only.

Club Med Turkoise

View of the beach area at Club Med Turkoise - Photo by Club Med Resorts
View of the beach area at Club Med Turkoise | Photo credit: Club Med Resorts

For those who want to party or are on a budget, Club Med Turkoise, a quintessential Provo institution, is a top alternative. This adults-only resort is situated next to a fabulous turquoise lagoon with the perfect white sand and clear turquoise ocean water. Many non-powered water sports on-site and many outdoor activities and outings are organized for the guests.

Beach House Turks & Caicos

Beach House Turks and Caicos - Photo by Beach House Resort
Beach House Turks and Caicos | Photo credit: Beach House Resort

Along with Club Med Turkoise, this resort is the other Turks and Caicos resorts adults only. The upscale Turks & Caicos Beach House is an all-suite property situated on Grace Bay, the most beautiful beach on the island. Its 21 suites are massive, sophisticated yet intimate as well. The Beach House’s best attribute is, of course, the beach. 

The Beach House ensures that visitors can take full advantage of the venue, with one of the island’s most beautiful beaches in its backyard. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience and a proper beach holiday, with beach butler service to your reserved beach chair, gourmet dining, and luxury drinks, or just some peaceful time on your private balcony.

Need to know

Post COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

To travel to Turks and Caicos, you need a COVID-19 PCR negative test result, which must be obtained within five days before heading to the TCI. This excludes children under the age of 10. You also need insurance covering medical care for COVID-19 and full hospitalization.

All travelers must obtain pre-authorization via the portal of TCI Assured. (https://www.visittci.com/travel-info/tci-assured)

Until 31 March 2021, masks are required in all public places.

Getting Around (Transportation)

There are taxis on the island, but renting a car accessible at the airport, is the easiest way to get around. Following the U.K scheme, the British Overseas Territory travels on the left side of the lane, so give yourself some time to get used to it.


According to the State Department, the Turks and Caicos Islands’ overall crime rate is relatively small, and crimes usually include opportunistic petty theft. When walking around at night, exercise a fair degree of caution, and keep valuables in a safe spot. When visiting the Turks and Caicos, the CDC suggests getting hepatitis A and typhoid vaccinations.


No matter the purpose of your travel, if it’s a family getaway, a honeymoon vacay, or merely a couples retreat, you will find what you need at Turks and Caicos Islands resorts. There’s nothing like staying and playing in a tropical paradise, with picture-perfect beaches, decent seafood, plenty of outdoor fun, and exquisite amenities at every resort. So waste no more time thinking and book today.

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